Wenlavish Wicksoot – desktop

Model: Heroforge – large
Scale: 54mm
Date Painted: 05/2019
Quality: Display

The Gnome Wenlavish (aka: Wenny) was raised in a family of gardeners for a rich and benevolent minor noble family. When he grew up he was fortunate enough to receive an offer from the Lady of the house to help her with her studies. The Lady was well read, well-educated and well connected to the greatest intellectuals of society and could afford to fund his expeditions. This was a boon for Wenny. His job was simple; his naiveté, enormous. Using his natural abilities of stealth and hiding, Wenny would ‘borrow’ artifacts, rare manuscripts, pieces of art and any other priceless item the Lady requested from collections all over for her to ‘study’. When his master’s research was complete he would then return them, undamaged, to their rightful with them being none the wiser. Seems a little sinister, no? No one was getting hurt, nothing was damaged so it was really more like a grand practical joke. Truthfully, Wenny knew deep down that this was probably on the wrong side of the law. Wenny was employed this way for many years until the truth came crashing down around him like a toppled bookshelf of the Grand Archives…